Instead of going in depth about unlucky run in life, it will be easier, quicker and more reader friendly if I put in down in a timeline in bullet form.  Plus it would certainly take forever to write everything down in detail.  If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask me!  It will be therapeutic for me!

1981 - Born into a family who as individuals put their needs before others

1987 - Moved to Malaysia  due to the pilot dispute.  Dad refused to do anything else but fly and refused to go against the union or let his fellow colleagues   Instead he dragged us to a third world muslim country during the first gulf war. An experience in itself but incredibly hard for a mum with four kids and husband who was never there.

1992 - Moved back to Australia.   Come home with an accent that was in between a south african, american and english.  I was one of the top 20 swimmers in malaysia in my international school of 1500. I was on the swim team - swimming was my passion BUT because I hadn't done the AUSSWIM program as the others had, I was put back in the baby pool learning how to tread and fetch rings off the bottom of the shallow end.  I was called names through my last year of primary and not one person wanted to be my friend.  I put on 15kgs that year.

1993 - First year of high school - new all girls catholic school - still no one wanted to be my friend.

1994 - Mum was stealing all the money Dad was sending back to put us in school and pay for clothes etc so she took me out of private and put me public (I was the only one.  I guess Mum thought it was a waste of money for me).  Public school was worse, I was called Posh and names I won't even mention because of my, weight my eyes and the fact I grew up in Malaysia.

1995 - At lunchtime I had 10 boys circle me and belt the crap out of me for no reason.  Not one teacher saw and nothing was ever done about it.  I started to get kicked out of home alot and was abused physically and emotionally by both my siblings and parents.

1997 - After 4 different high schools and sporting a year 8 pass only, I left school altogether and got a hospitality traineeship in a local cafe earning $4.75 an hour.  We weren't allowed lunch breaks and the managers treated me like shit.

1999 - I quit the cafe and did a quick 6 month admin position.  Being at the right place at the right time scored me a junior position in a mid tier law firm.  I photocopied for the first year solidly.  I was doing everything right to try and climb the corporate ladder.  The girls once again were mean.  Refusing to let me leave until I had done their work (which I did) but purposely doing it when they knew I had plans in the afternoon.  I was introduced to new staff as the shit kicker.

2000 - I got my friend a job for this firm and the property department took an instant liking to her and she was promoted before I was due to the fact I was doing litigations works.  Then as life sometimes has it, my work colleagues who sat next to me committed suicide.  Never saw it coming, always a happy funny person . She was the first of many.

2002 - I was making my way round the legal firms always ending up with hardest and most difficult people to work for.  I left one job cos the lawyer I worked for didn't really know what he was doing and I ended up doing all his work. Spent two years in another firm where the pay was pitiful.  Thats when the person sitting next to me also passed away - she had cancer.  After that I was made to sit on my own away from everyone as if I was unlucky.   A good friend also, after getting involved in drugs, tried to commit suicide - unfortunately he didn't quite finish the job and is now brain dead in a wheel chair being cared for by his parents.  One of the most horrific things I ever had to witness in my life.

2005 - during the last five years I had been living with my then boyfriend.    Although he wasn't like this at the start he had developed a gambling habit and also had bipolar which he refused to be treated for.  It was tiring looking after him and working.  I did it for 7 years...his attacks got worse.  He set my bed on fire when I was asleep during one of his blackouts and I often found him screaming with no clothes on in the middle of the street in the middle of the night.

2006 - I finally broke it off with him and I replaced him with my beautiful furkid Prada. I also decided the best idea was to move away from him since he was constantly breaking into my house, stalking me and not letting me live a normal life.  So I packed up and moved inner city.

2007 - The GFC hit and I lost my job, I got a job working in one of the hottest nightclubs in Melbourne.  I got to meet some really famous people including Jason Statham.  Unfortunately, 8 months later I was fired from there too.  Having no money and finding it extremely hard to find a job I was evicted from my place for not paying rent.

2008 - I had some money saved up in managed funds and although I lost alot during the GFC I had to take it out cos I had nothing.  I found a small one bedder and became extremely depressed over the next year - although I did manage to find a job working as a front office supervisor.

2009 - I met a guy, ended up moving in with him and he was living a double life.  Unbeknownst to me he was taking a lot of drugs and meeting other woman, I had quit my job thinking I could get work back in law firms and when I found out I didn't kno what to do.  He called my mother who I hadn't seen in years to get me out of his house even though I had no where to go.  It was an extremely bad break up which turned physical and involved the police.  With no where to go an old friend offered me his spare room on a 20 acre property in the middle of nowhere.  I accepted.

2010 - Grand final day I met a guy and fell pregnant.  I thought finally my luck is turning...I met a great guy who is financially secure and Im going to start a family.  I was four months pregnant when he told me he didn't want it.  All of sudden he changed into a different person, a scary person.  He dropped me off at the clinic one morning and I never saw him again.  Another traumatic time for me but went back to the 20 acre property.

2011  - My friend was getting sick and tired of me and all the unlucky little things that happen to me that then affect him so he asked me to move out.  I found a place back inner city and was getting ready to move when my appendix burst..I tried to drive myself to the hospital but didnt make it. I was left dying on the side of the road in broad daylight, not one person stopped to help me.  The guy I was living with at the time drove past, saw me and took me straight to the hospital.

IRONIC??  My appendix burst the same week I was due to give birth, it was that bad that there would have only been a  30% chance of survival had I taken it to full term.

The operation was difficult and I had to learn to walk again.  The hospital never feed me and after a week I was bloody starving - someone had forgotten to take the no solids sign from above my bed.  I faked my way out of the hospital by telling them I was fine etc etc

10 days later I drove myself back to hospital and was in there for another month and a half.  The doctor told me I was just unlucky and that this only happens to 20% of appendicitis patients.  I had two growths the sizes of tennis balls in my stomach.  One of them was resting on my ovaries.

MORE IRONIC - High probability that I will never have kids.

2012/2013 - Without going into too much more detail.   Ive been living in this place now for two years with Prada.  Its loud, there are junkies, I find needles under my car, the landlord won't fix anything and its above a 7-11 - I have been evicted yet again and was served a 120 day no reason notice back in december although never received it and the real estate agent only told me about it the day after I was meant to be out.  I have VCAT on thursday and although I can prove its in retaliation for me asking for repairs and me complaining about my house being broken into by tradesman, its not up to me.

The above are just some of the main issues ive had to deal with and I haven't elaborated on most cos its just getting to much for all!

At the end of the I have no money, my car is broken, I need glasses and I am on the verge of becoming homeless next thursday and it scares the crap out of me!  All I am asking is for some generosity which I am more than happy to work for or short term loan.

Please I just need someone to Cut me a break!!