Ok, so I urgently need at least $3,000.00 to get myself sorted if we don't include the car.

Ive never expected handouts or anything from anyone and I sure as hell don't expect it now.  I am confident I am able to do anything asked of me both professionally and to the highest standards.

For a donation (and Im taking anything, there is no price comparison to having a roof over your head coming into winter), I am prepared to do anything within reasons - Below are a few suggestions:


- Administration
- Virtual Secretary
- Advertising on my blog
- writing a review on a certain product you are marketing
- marketing
- proofreading
- Envelope Stuffing
- compiling mail lists
- database entry
- Read your Tarot Cards
- Prepare your Numerology report
- An agent for your direct Selling Company
- Building Website
- Prepare Business Cards/Invitations
- Typing Service


- Wash cars
- Babysitting (I hold a current working with childrens check)
- Caddy for Golfers
- cleaning and painting outdoor furniture
- Appearing as a clown or face painting at your childs party
- Dog Walking
- Feeding Pets
- Gardening
- House Cleaning
- Ironing
- Personal Shopper
- Bartending/front door/cocktail waitress/cloakroom (experienced and have RSA)
- Window Washing

AND thats just to name a few - No job to big or too small.  Alternatively, if you want to help but are also in a similar situation I would be eternally grateful if:

-  someone could look at my car to help me fix it. (Im pretty good with cars - I just can't figure this one out!)
- Someone who works in an optometrist can offer me a discount so that I can get glasses and see again ( I need two different types)
- anyone could offer me some boxes to help with my move
- I would even take a loan if someone would offer it to me; and
- anyone could assist me at all with anything that would assist would make me the happiest person on earth.

I am just down on my luck with no resources, no support  and with time against me, its causing a considerable amount of stress -  which is why I am reaching out this way.