Thursday, 2 May 2013

This is it..the day of reckoning is the day. Im at work early. I got so much to do here before I head up to VCAT later. Im worried to say the least. Not much I can do about it. Its freezing this morning. Something I should get used too!!

Everyone seems surprised to see me at work but I need the money so here I am....

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The day before the day before

I don't usually start thinking too much about what's going on or worrying about it till the last minute.   It's not like im not actively trying to find solutions. Im just not stressing about them.

But now I am. I can't deal with it and my brain has caved in with too much stuff to think about. So as early as it is, this kind of stress tires me out. Im going to bed so I don't have to think about it till tomorrow. It's better this way, I don't get too depressed and tomorrow's another day.  I can only pray that everything works out for me in the end!!

On the Record

Just so its on the record, I feel pathetic that I have had to resort to this and beg strangers.  It was the only idea I could come up that might be able to solve the issue quickly and legally.

Would you Help a Stranger? Not long to go now....

Funds Raised: $50.00

Random Acts of Kindness - Please click here

So what can I say but things are not looking to good for me as it currently stands.  Im trying not to think to much about it and not freak out too much yet.  But it doesn't help when your work colleague that sits behind you is being melodramatic about it!  Im pretty sure she is waiting for me to lose the plot.    I mean she is already talking to me in that soft voice people put on when they are talking to the mentally insane which irritates me more.  She is blaming my snappy tongue on the all the stress Im under and not the fact she is annoying me with that voice and constantly finishing off my sentences with "but thats ok Jen..your under a lot of stress at the moment, its not easy, your about to have no where to live".  Even when what Im saying has nothing to do it.  In fact she is the only one bringing it up all the time! DRAINING!!

Ive got this great little app on my phone called thumb.  I love it.  Its where people ask questions with pictures and the public give a yes, no, mutual answer.    Yesterday 68% of the people who voted said they would give a stranger a dollar if it meant helping them.  I thought that was amazing.  So tonight I asked another question asking if I needed help, would then help me.  A staggering 89% of them said yes.  So I apologise now to those thumb people whom I have sent to look at my blog but I am actually down on my hands and knees asking if anyone would just donate $1.00 to me, it would give me the hope that i need to get through this and hopefully a roof over my head for myself and Prada. $1.00 may not be much to one but collectively it could to me be a lifeline.

I am begging and pleading for you all to help keep me off the streets.  I don't know where I have gone wrong in life to be here.  Yes it hasn't been easy but I don't expect people to feel sorry for me and usually Im too proud of a person to ever ask for help but Im about to have the one thing in life Ive never taken for granted away from me and it scares the hell out of me.  I keep looking at Prada apologising to her that this has happened and that Im powerless to fix it (Don't laugh she is my furkid and I know she knows what is going on).

Please if you could find it in your heart to help a stranger, who doesn't do drugs, doesn't drink, doesn't gamble, but works full time, volunteers in her spare time and who has just fallen on hard times, I honestly wouldn't be able to thank you enough.  There would be tears of joy thats for sure!

If you can't help I would really appreciate if you might spread the word and maybe share this blog 
on your facebook or google+.  Anything really...I just need help!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

With all due respect....

Funds Raised: $50.00

For Random Acts of Kindness, Please Click HERE

First of all I would like to apologise because I haven't returned any emails that have been sent in the last 24 hours.  In all honesty, today I researched Act after Act, Decisions after Decisions and become well acquainted with the Charter of Human Rights more specifically to my right for adequate housing.  To me it seems like a long shot but apparently people use it a lot at VCAT.  Once again, I just need to argue that the outcome will potentially have serious consequences for me.  But I think everyone's view on that topic is different and to people who are smart, have worked hard, have high paying jobs and are good with their money would have a totally different view to a person on minimum wage, stuck in a job they don't like and struggling to support a large family.  So its still anyone's guess where I will end up Thursday.

I am actually extremely tired tonight and I have had a number of emails asking me the same question so I am going to answer that here for all and the rest of the emails I will reply to tomorrow.

Now, one of the main questions please ask me is "Have I thought about Homeless Shelters?", "Centrelink, Rent Assistance?" or "Government Housing".  Im going to answer the easiest one first....

Government Housing - to qualify for a commission house you have to be earning next to nothing. I have a job and only just do not qualify even though my positions are on contract and sometimes only last days.  Not to mention there is about a 10 year wait for a commission house.  Unless I have kids, have come from an abusive relationship with kids and am literally a danger to myself to be left on the won't happen next week.

**I would just like to point out that had I been given the appropriate notice of 120 days I would have been able to save for a new place and I wouldn't be here now with 7 days to come up with money I don't have and find a place to move, its just ridiculous!!.  But I never received the notice and the real estate never once mentioned it to me in 120 days.  Legally she doesn't have an obligation but I would think morally she should - its just plain nasty and disgusting to think someone you don't know would be getting enjoyment out of seeing someone else suffer. A roof over my head is the most important thing to me...I don't care about the four walls..I just need a roof!!**

Centrelink or Rent Assistance - Due to my current contract position I do not qualify.  Having had to resort to centrelink last year for the first time in my life for a few weeks, I honestly don't know how anyone survives on it.  With the current costs of living, bills, food, clothes, petrol and necessities   and expecting $270 a week to cover it all...honestly, could you do it?  Think about it really hard and what you normally spend your money on on a day to day basis and calculate your needs first cos I can assure you, you will never get to your wants.  In any event, I don't qualify and my whole issue is that I need to find some money and a place to live before Thursday cos its just my luck that they wont rule in my favour and a possession order granted.

Homeless Shelters - My favourite topic...NOT and I may upset a few people with what I have to say about them and the types of people who use them.  Now as I previously advised I have lived on the streets before back in my teenage years back then I would rather live in the gutter and eat dirt than go there and I dont think my mind has changed.  Im not a drug addict, alcoholic, mentally insane, abusive, nor do I lack respect for myself or want to be surrounded by people who have had it so tough for whatever reason and they ooze negativity.  I grew up around those people and although I had to bring myself up and I had no one to teach me what was acceptable and what wasn't in 18 I took a step back and decided I didn't want to be like them in 5, 10 years time.  I don't want to blame the past and let it affect my future.  Im an angry person as it is not as angry as I used to be, Ive accepted a lot of things and have moved forward - I won't go backwards EVER.

As I said, if this dilemma hadn't of surprised me, I could deal with it on my own.  120 days is a long time to sort everything out and move but 7 days???  Its wrong.  I mean if a police officer serves a summons on you, its not deemed served until he gives it to you physically and hey, when you think about it, and if you have done the crime, they are actually ensuring you have a roof over your head with a a lot of luxury's I can't afford.  Yet, a real estate agent only has to send it by registered post for it to be deemed delivered whether or not the recipient has received it is irrelavent and which in my case will lead me to be homeless.  An honest, hard working, female just trying to do right in life gets the short stick???  How is that fair?

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Another Day..

Donations:  $50.00

Donate Here

Once again I would like to thank the people who have donated today.  It goes without saying that I am extremely grateful for your help.

And Im thankful to the people who have shared their stories with me.  It opens my mind and forces me to look at situations differently and more openly.  Thank you for that is truly a gift that you can not put a price on.

Today I was meant to go to my volunteer course but as you would have it...I actually slept through my alarm.  I haven't been sleeping well, so to finally get a decent sleep was amazing to say the least.  But doens't really help me with my situation.

I answered all emails sent to me through this blog as I believe its important to do so especially if someone is helping you out and even if they don't, its still polite to answer.  Just so you all know, I will respond to all emails sent within 24 hours.

I seem to be delaying my task of making a time line and brief for my solicitor this thursday.  Its like I don't want to face it or deal with it but when I get like this, my whole life suffers...I just don't want to do anything but eat and sleep.  I must change my mindset but easier said than done!!

I know my dog Prada knows whats going on...and I think she thinks Ill be putting her in a dog home.  But can't afford it so I keep telling her she is safe on that one.  I never once trained Prada...I told her from the start I have only one rule...I do what I want and she does what she wants.  Works well.  She even toilet trained herself that when accidently lock her inside she goes to the bathroom lol.  She never barks and is the most well behaved dog ever!!  In need of a haircut tho!!

Anyways, only a short note today because nothing life changing happened and I didnt do anything exciting, in fact I didn't leave the house.  I am going house hunting tomorrow, I know I can't yet afford to but I have to start.  Maybe things will be different tomorrow cos we all know that tomorrow is another day!!!



Ive just had a few people email me and say they don't understand my predicament and it appears that if you are viewing my blog on your mobile, you can not see my tabbed "pages" at the top which explain everything (I hope).  So you will need to view the blog from a web browser.

Ive also fixed the link for donation - it wasn't working.

After you have the read the blog and if you have any questions or want to take me up on my proposal please drop me a line.  Ive also added my contact details.

Please also feel free to add me on Google +.  I will be randomly updating that as well.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Help Keep Me Off the Streets Please!!

Funds Raised: $20.00

First of all, I would like to thank the kind soul for his donation this morning and the hope it gave me that things wont end badly for me - but with my can never take your chances!

I am extremely tired, moody and depressed.  I always know when Im depressed because I get lazy and my house gets messy which makes me more depressed.  Probably need to work on that one!

Today was my first day with this blog and reaching out to the public for help.  I had some strange requests and I had some even stranger questions.  I can understand why some of you might just think Im a scammer and I have fabricated the whole story, I wouldn't blame you for thinking that but its also why I put up photos and really it is an elaborate story just to make up.

The only reason Im doing this is because I have no other option and the thought of being homeless frightens the shit out of me so Im doing everything I can within my power to make sure it doesn;t happen, I just can't do it on my own.  Showing that Im also prepared to work for the money should tell you that its highly unlikely to see me on ACA!!

I figured I needed 3K to move which includes first months bond and rent, removalists, steam cleaners and hopefully fix the car.  If I was lucky enough to raise more, I would hold a vote on my blog to choose which charity it should be donated to plus the bond at the current place Im in when I get it back.

Im not a thief , a scammer or dodgy.  I am just down on my luck for the millionth time and Ive exhausted all my resources on previous visits to rock bottom.  Im desperate!  I was 14 when I first didn't have a roof over my head and I also vowed it would be the last.  If anyone knows what its like being homeless they would know its the total opposite of being "as safe as houses"

In my time of need, I am giving my time up tomorrow instead of attending house inspections but to continue on with my volunteer work helping out the youth who are also having a hard time.  I can't afford to give them money but I can afford to give them my time.  Its something I enjoy doing and it makes me feel good knowing Im helping children that are less fortunate than me,  Even tho in my current situation I may be the less fortunate one!!!!

Once again Im going beg for you to help keep me off the streets - I can't go back.  Not after all these years...


Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ill Try Anything


Donations can be  made @ by pressing this Link.

This is my last result in which seems to be a fruitless bid to keep a roof over my head but I won't give up, Ill keep trying and Ill do whatever I can to raise enough money for a new place.

I am going to be positing daily sometimes even several times a day to keep everyone up to speed of how much Ive raised, if any. AND  If by chance this crazy last resort idea works I will be forever in the debt of those who have kindly donated. BUT also I will continue posting to keep those updated with the, HOPEFULLY, house hunting and moving.

Ive nearly lost the roof over my head twice in my life but I always knew I had support and back up but this time I am actually scared that things wont work out.  Im not sure how Ill cope if they don't.  I am trying hard to remain positive and hopeful but its not easy when I don't have the support or help I could use right now.  My car is an issue...everything just happens at once!

I have my final training session for my volunteer work on Saturday and I have been trying to get this gig for 3 years.  Once again last time I was offered it, my life was in shambles and had to turn it down.  This time I have done the police checks, working with children and all the training modules except for this last day.  I can't give up now, Ive come to far..  But that just means no house hunting Saturday   Not that it matters, I can't afford one right now anyway.

This stress is making me do funny things.  I think I have yelled at pretty much everyone this week....overreacting most of the time I was!!

Anyway, Im off to hunt for followers so if you could help me out too with me just gaining some followers, that will certainly spread the word.

Thank you people and I hope you had a great ANZAC day - Goodnight!!