Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Would you Help a Stranger? Not long to go now....

Funds Raised: $50.00

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So what can I say but things are not looking to good for me as it currently stands.  Im trying not to think to much about it and not freak out too much yet.  But it doesn't help when your work colleague that sits behind you is being melodramatic about it!  Im pretty sure she is waiting for me to lose the plot.    I mean she is already talking to me in that soft voice people put on when they are talking to the mentally insane which irritates me more.  She is blaming my snappy tongue on the all the stress Im under and not the fact she is annoying me with that voice and constantly finishing off my sentences with "but thats ok Jen..your under a lot of stress at the moment, its not easy, your about to have no where to live".  Even when what Im saying has nothing to do it.  In fact she is the only one bringing it up all the time! DRAINING!!

Ive got this great little app on my phone called thumb.  I love it.  Its where people ask questions with pictures and the public give a yes, no, mutual answer.    Yesterday 68% of the people who voted said they would give a stranger a dollar if it meant helping them.  I thought that was amazing.  So tonight I asked another question asking if I needed help, would then help me.  A staggering 89% of them said yes.  So I apologise now to those thumb people whom I have sent to look at my blog but I am actually down on my hands and knees asking if anyone would just donate $1.00 to me, it would give me the hope that i need to get through this and hopefully a roof over my head for myself and Prada. $1.00 may not be much to one but collectively it could to me be a lifeline.

I am begging and pleading for you all to help keep me off the streets.  I don't know where I have gone wrong in life to be here.  Yes it hasn't been easy but I don't expect people to feel sorry for me and usually Im too proud of a person to ever ask for help but Im about to have the one thing in life Ive never taken for granted away from me and it scares the hell out of me.  I keep looking at Prada apologising to her that this has happened and that Im powerless to fix it (Don't laugh she is my furkid and I know she knows what is going on).

Please if you could find it in your heart to help a stranger, who doesn't do drugs, doesn't drink, doesn't gamble, but works full time, volunteers in her spare time and who has just fallen on hard times, I honestly wouldn't be able to thank you enough.  There would be tears of joy thats for sure!

If you can't help I would really appreciate if you might spread the word and maybe share this blog 
on your facebook or google+.  Anything really...I just need help!