Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ill Try Anything


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This is my last result in which seems to be a fruitless bid to keep a roof over my head but I won't give up, Ill keep trying and Ill do whatever I can to raise enough money for a new place.

I am going to be positing daily sometimes even several times a day to keep everyone up to speed of how much Ive raised, if any. AND  If by chance this crazy last resort idea works I will be forever in the debt of those who have kindly donated. BUT also I will continue posting to keep those updated with the, HOPEFULLY, house hunting and moving.

Ive nearly lost the roof over my head twice in my life but I always knew I had support and back up but this time I am actually scared that things wont work out.  Im not sure how Ill cope if they don't.  I am trying hard to remain positive and hopeful but its not easy when I don't have the support or help I could use right now.  My car is an issue...everything just happens at once!

I have my final training session for my volunteer work on Saturday and I have been trying to get this gig for 3 years.  Once again last time I was offered it, my life was in shambles and had to turn it down.  This time I have done the police checks, working with children and all the training modules except for this last day.  I can't give up now, Ive come to far..  But that just means no house hunting Saturday   Not that it matters, I can't afford one right now anyway.

This stress is making me do funny things.  I think I have yelled at pretty much everyone this week....overreacting most of the time I was!!

Anyway, Im off to hunt for followers so if you could help me out too with me just gaining some followers, that will certainly spread the word.

Thank you people and I hope you had a great ANZAC day - Goodnight!!