Friday, 26 April 2013

Help Keep Me Off the Streets Please!!

Funds Raised: $20.00

First of all, I would like to thank the kind soul for his donation this morning and the hope it gave me that things wont end badly for me - but with my can never take your chances!

I am extremely tired, moody and depressed.  I always know when Im depressed because I get lazy and my house gets messy which makes me more depressed.  Probably need to work on that one!

Today was my first day with this blog and reaching out to the public for help.  I had some strange requests and I had some even stranger questions.  I can understand why some of you might just think Im a scammer and I have fabricated the whole story, I wouldn't blame you for thinking that but its also why I put up photos and really it is an elaborate story just to make up.

The only reason Im doing this is because I have no other option and the thought of being homeless frightens the shit out of me so Im doing everything I can within my power to make sure it doesn;t happen, I just can't do it on my own.  Showing that Im also prepared to work for the money should tell you that its highly unlikely to see me on ACA!!

I figured I needed 3K to move which includes first months bond and rent, removalists, steam cleaners and hopefully fix the car.  If I was lucky enough to raise more, I would hold a vote on my blog to choose which charity it should be donated to plus the bond at the current place Im in when I get it back.

Im not a thief , a scammer or dodgy.  I am just down on my luck for the millionth time and Ive exhausted all my resources on previous visits to rock bottom.  Im desperate!  I was 14 when I first didn't have a roof over my head and I also vowed it would be the last.  If anyone knows what its like being homeless they would know its the total opposite of being "as safe as houses"

In my time of need, I am giving my time up tomorrow instead of attending house inspections but to continue on with my volunteer work helping out the youth who are also having a hard time.  I can't afford to give them money but I can afford to give them my time.  Its something I enjoy doing and it makes me feel good knowing Im helping children that are less fortunate than me,  Even tho in my current situation I may be the less fortunate one!!!!

Once again Im going beg for you to help keep me off the streets - I can't go back.  Not after all these years...