Sunday, 28 April 2013

With all due respect....

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First of all I would like to apologise because I haven't returned any emails that have been sent in the last 24 hours.  In all honesty, today I researched Act after Act, Decisions after Decisions and become well acquainted with the Charter of Human Rights more specifically to my right for adequate housing.  To me it seems like a long shot but apparently people use it a lot at VCAT.  Once again, I just need to argue that the outcome will potentially have serious consequences for me.  But I think everyone's view on that topic is different and to people who are smart, have worked hard, have high paying jobs and are good with their money would have a totally different view to a person on minimum wage, stuck in a job they don't like and struggling to support a large family.  So its still anyone's guess where I will end up Thursday.

I am actually extremely tired tonight and I have had a number of emails asking me the same question so I am going to answer that here for all and the rest of the emails I will reply to tomorrow.

Now, one of the main questions please ask me is "Have I thought about Homeless Shelters?", "Centrelink, Rent Assistance?" or "Government Housing".  Im going to answer the easiest one first....

Government Housing - to qualify for a commission house you have to be earning next to nothing. I have a job and only just do not qualify even though my positions are on contract and sometimes only last days.  Not to mention there is about a 10 year wait for a commission house.  Unless I have kids, have come from an abusive relationship with kids and am literally a danger to myself to be left on the won't happen next week.

**I would just like to point out that had I been given the appropriate notice of 120 days I would have been able to save for a new place and I wouldn't be here now with 7 days to come up with money I don't have and find a place to move, its just ridiculous!!.  But I never received the notice and the real estate never once mentioned it to me in 120 days.  Legally she doesn't have an obligation but I would think morally she should - its just plain nasty and disgusting to think someone you don't know would be getting enjoyment out of seeing someone else suffer. A roof over my head is the most important thing to me...I don't care about the four walls..I just need a roof!!**

Centrelink or Rent Assistance - Due to my current contract position I do not qualify.  Having had to resort to centrelink last year for the first time in my life for a few weeks, I honestly don't know how anyone survives on it.  With the current costs of living, bills, food, clothes, petrol and necessities   and expecting $270 a week to cover it all...honestly, could you do it?  Think about it really hard and what you normally spend your money on on a day to day basis and calculate your needs first cos I can assure you, you will never get to your wants.  In any event, I don't qualify and my whole issue is that I need to find some money and a place to live before Thursday cos its just my luck that they wont rule in my favour and a possession order granted.

Homeless Shelters - My favourite topic...NOT and I may upset a few people with what I have to say about them and the types of people who use them.  Now as I previously advised I have lived on the streets before back in my teenage years back then I would rather live in the gutter and eat dirt than go there and I dont think my mind has changed.  Im not a drug addict, alcoholic, mentally insane, abusive, nor do I lack respect for myself or want to be surrounded by people who have had it so tough for whatever reason and they ooze negativity.  I grew up around those people and although I had to bring myself up and I had no one to teach me what was acceptable and what wasn't in 18 I took a step back and decided I didn't want to be like them in 5, 10 years time.  I don't want to blame the past and let it affect my future.  Im an angry person as it is not as angry as I used to be, Ive accepted a lot of things and have moved forward - I won't go backwards EVER.

As I said, if this dilemma hadn't of surprised me, I could deal with it on my own.  120 days is a long time to sort everything out and move but 7 days???  Its wrong.  I mean if a police officer serves a summons on you, its not deemed served until he gives it to you physically and hey, when you think about it, and if you have done the crime, they are actually ensuring you have a roof over your head with a a lot of luxury's I can't afford.  Yet, a real estate agent only has to send it by registered post for it to be deemed delivered whether or not the recipient has received it is irrelavent and which in my case will lead me to be homeless.  An honest, hard working, female just trying to do right in life gets the short stick???  How is that fair?