Hi, my name is Jennie and I am a 31 year old who has tried so desperately to have a semi normal.  I have, months ago, accepted responsibility for everything that has happened in my life as they are a result of a decision or decisions I made previously.

Up until last Tuesday, everything was going great and I had finally felt a sense of normalcy and direction but as fate would have it, whenever I get to comfortable it likes to throw a spanner in the works.

I got home from work to find a Notice for Eviction for no reason which is legal and they give 120 days.  Which would have been all good except for the fact that they served it on me December last year and the first I heard of it was the day after I was meant to have moved out.

Unfortunately the law is quite clear here, all the Real Estate legally has to do is send it by registered post, which she did but I had told her two months before that our mail goes missing and I requested she email correspondence to me as well to ensure I receive it.  She didnt. The Notice was sent back to the agent on 3 January this year, so the agent was well aware I never received it. And the agent continued talking to me as if one had not been issued over these last few months.

I have VCAT on Thursday where I have to prove the notice was served on me in retaliation for asserting my legal rights as a tenant.  Everything I have is in writing (emails) also.  But I had been requesting for a year and a half that the aerial be fixed (no tv during that time), the spilt system air conditioner be fixed so we had some heating and cooling and then the toilet started leaking so there was another request.  All requests were ignored.

I live on top of a shop and in Dec they decided to renovate it.  Over the course of two weeks I had the water turned off, the electricity turned off, tradesman on my balcony and even a tradesman breaking into my home to utilize the manhole to the roof and not even bothering to put it back on.

I complained and the Friday night a man knocked on the door claiming to be peter the Airconditioner repair man when in fact he was the landlord. I let him in and only when I noticed him snooping around the place and not once looking at the aircon, I asked him.  He seemed pleasant and lead me to believe he would fix all the repairs and told me he did not own the shop downstairs - He does, he owns the whole building. The following tuesday I was served with the notice.

Ive done research and its very difficult to prove that the landlord evicted me in retaliation and VCAT does not rule in my favour I have two weeks to pack move save, get my car fixed and find a new place.  I just dont have the cashflow at the moment and am going to end up homeless.

I work full time but Im still paying this rent plus bills and on your own its not cheap.  My car is broken down and I haven't been able to afford to fix it.  Something I was hoping to do next week.  I have to pay for removelists, cleaners, first months bond and first months rent in the next week or so. IMPOSSIBLE!!!  If I end up on the streets, I don't know what Ill do.

Not to mention Ive just started volunteering my spare time helping under aged troubled youths.  How can I help when Im in trouble too??   Im trying so hard to do the right things in life...what am I doing wrong??

Im not expecting charity (although wouldn't say no), and I am prepared to do what I have to in order to secure a roof over my head.  If you think you can help - Please read my proposal.....PLEASE